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In our April issue: Preparing For Board Exams Expert Tips ’N’ Strategies, 6 Offbeat career Options, How To Design a Reward System That Works, Managing PCOS, Herbal Teas and More

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Reward System for Kids Easy, Effective & Fun!

By Divya Sainathan

Kids love rewards—and we love the reward system! Here’s your complete guide to creating a reward system to keep your child responsible, motivated and disciplined.

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Conquering A Fear Of Heights

By Team Parentcircle

In the third article of our Parent-Expert “fear” series, we look at how you can help your child overcome their fear of heights.

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Top interviews this month on (April 2021)

By Team Parentcircle

Here are some insightful talks from this month— excerpts from video interviews with a film director, an author, a nonprofit MD, and a leading diabetes specialist.

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Is Your Child Getting Enough Iron?

By Shirley Johanna

Why iron is important, how much iron children need, iron-rich foods and more.

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Staying Sun-Safe In Summer

By Team Parentcircle

Renowned pediatrician Dr Rajath Athreya answers your questions on summer care for children.

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How To Manage PCOS

By Varsha Venkatesh

Here’s what you should know about polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a common health condition caused due to an imbalance of reproductive hormones.

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Getting Board Exam-Ready

By Sindhu Sivalingam

It’s been an unlikely academic year with online classes and limited social interactions. But there’s something that hasn’t changed: Board exams. Here’s how to help your child prepare for these exams.

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Offbeat Careers Taking The Road Less Traveled

By Aruna Raghuram

If your teen’s keen on exploring a career beyond law, medicine or engineering, here are six exciting options you can talk to them about.

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Happiness Is ... Having Siblings!

By Team Parentcircle

For Siblings Day (April 10), we asked our readers to share their special sibling stories from childhood. Sit back and enjoy!

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Easy Exam-Time Eats

By Ruchira Ramanujam

It’s exam season, and you want your children to eat healthy and study well. We bring three recipes with the right nutrients to keep their mind sharp during and beyond these testing times.

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