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In our January issue: 8 Life-Changing and Fun Family Resolutions, Tips to Deal With Your Fussy Eater, Power-Packed Breakfast Bites, Fun Indoor Physical Activities for Tiny Tots and more.

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Parents Vs Teens: Should Parents Set Limits on Teens’ Social Media and Screen Use?

By Team ParentCircle

ParentCircle brought together teenagers and parents of teenagers for a lively debate on a very hot topic: Teens’ Social Media and Screen Time.

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8 Life-Changing & Fun Resolutions Families Can Actually Keep

By Divya Ramesh

Simple, achievable resolutions for 2021 for a healthy and happy life, with step-by-step action plans.

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How to Handle Pester Power

By Team ParentCircle

This month in our Parent-Expert series, we look at how ads impact your child and how you can handle his continuous demands to buy him products he rarely needs.

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Top interviews this month on (Jan 2021)

By Team ParentCircle

Here are excerpts from insightful interviews on this month—interviews with a star athlete, a writer, a former cricketer and a documentary filmmaker.

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Go, Slow and Whoa Foods A Simple Guide to Eating Smart

By Shirley Johanna

Are you wondering how to get your child and family to make healthy food choices? If so, this new concept of ‘Go, Slow and Whoa Foods’ can help do the trick. Read on to know more.

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Ask The Expert Developmental Milestones in Children

By Team ParentCircle

Dr Anuradha Srinivasan, an experienced developmental pediatrician, answers your questions and concerns on developmental milestones and delays in your child.

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Easy Ways To Deal With Your Fussy Eater

By Divya Sainathan

Kids reject food for a variety of reasons, and it can be extremely worrying and frustrating for parents. Here’s how to handle their demands and help them try new foods.

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Hop, Skip & Jump! Fun Indoor Physical Activities For Tiny Tots

By Varsha Venkatesh

If the pandemic has made it difficult for you to take your child outside to play, here are some exciting activity ideas from a fitness coach to help your little one stay fit and have fun.

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Mathemagic At Home X

By Visram Ramachandran

We’re back with Part 10 of our Mathemagic series, featuring a math treasure hunt and fun geometry activities!

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Havrvest Festivals of India

By Subhechha Chatterjee

Let’s explore the stories and legends, important rituals and special delicacies associated with harvest festivals across our country.

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Power-Packed Breakfast Bites To Start Your Day

By Ruchira Ramanujam

A wholesome, nourishing breakfast sets the family up for the challenges of the day. Here are three simple recipes that will give your mornings an energy boost!

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Incredible India: 8 Books Your Kids Will Love

By Sahana Charan

Want to arouse patriotic fervor in your child this Republic Day? What better way to do that than through some colorful books that showcase the beauty and diversity of the country?

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